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Forthcoming & Recent Events

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Forthcoming & Recent Events
Note how the pictue darkens as He draws nearer
(Soon, but no exact date as yet)
Let us pray unto God to show us the way
To prepare for the coming of Judgement Day
That Christ, when he comes may find us meet
To seat ourselves at our Sovereign's feet
To answer His questions and pass the Test
And advance once more on our age-long Quest

The new Deacon, centre with his parents, Abbess Jill Cuffe and Bishop John Cuffe and other clergy

Recent News
Rev. John Anthony Michael Cuffe was ordained Deacon on 28th October 2007 We pray for the success of his ministry
Brother Joseph was made an Exorcist on 3rd February 2008. May God bless and sustain him
Forthcoming Ordinations, Confirmations & Baptisms
God willing Julia Cuffe will start taking Holy Orders on February 24th, so please pray for Julia at this period 
God Willing Brother James will be ordained as a Sub-Deacon on Easter Sunday, March 23rd, so please remember him in your prayers
Forthcoming Special Services
Passion Sunday                                                             7. 00pm 9th     March 2008
Palm Sunday                                                                   7. 00pm 16th March 2008
Maunday Thursday (Tenebris Service)                    7. 00pm 20th March 2008
Good Friday Morning (Via Dolorosa)                        9. 00am 21st March 2008
Three Hours Service (The Crucifixion)                   11. 45am 21st March 2008
Quiet Saturday Service                                                 7. 00pm 22nd March 2008
Easter Dawn Service                                                     6. 00am 23rd March 2008
Easter Day                                                                        9. 00am 23rd March 2008      
Forthcoming Weddings
                           St Basil's Theological College.
Examinations for Diploma students commence the week starting 22nd June
Registrations for the second semester of 2008 commence 30th March 2008
 For further information please contact through the e-mail address below

For Further information
Contact: Rt. Rev. John Cuffe
St Cecelia's Orthdox Catholic Church
Caboolture Qld 4510 Australia.
Telephone 61 7 5495 3393