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St Cecelia's Orthodox Catholic Church at Caboolture.

This is the home page for St Cecelia's Orthodox Catholic Church at Caboolture, Queensland, Australia.

The times of Sunday Services are
Holy Eucharist:                               9.00a.m.
Evensong:                                       7.00p.m.
Benediction:                                    7.00p.m. first Sunday of month only
Special Teaching Services           7.00p.m. Individual Feasts 

St Cecelia's Orthodox Catholic Church is part of the world-wide Orthodox Catholic Church that was founded by Jesus Christ nearly 2000 years ago and is dedicated to preparing for His Return.

Directly descended from the Apostolic Church our modern churches base themselves on Apostolic Tradition and individual Church communities are self-governed. Like the original Apostolic Church, each communitiy is led by a married bishop or priest and his wife, who are respectively responsible for the spiritual and practical organisation of each church community.

Although common in Apostolic times, this form of Church organisation died out after Christianity became the Established Religion of the Roman Empire in the 4th century. Central authority and legalistic definitions of Christian teachings may have been desirable for the survival of the Nation State, but they led to internal disputes and so-called heresies over very minor points.

The revival of this form of Church government can be traced to the well-known Christian, Historical, Masonic and Psychic author, J.S.M. Ward, who with his wife Jessie started the "Confraternity of the Kingdom of Christ" in 1927 in England. Today there are many small groups around the world, (mainly in the English-speaking nations) who to a greater or lesser extent base their thinking and beliefs on his teachings.

St Cecelia's Orthodox Catholic Church is one of these and maintains those teachings in their entirety. Now through the Internet it is able to offer them to the world. It encourages any who seek the Ancient Wisdom, or who long for the Coming of Christ and the beginning of the New Age, to make contact. And like Christ Himself (St John 6; 37) it promises them:

"those that seek me I will in no wise turn away".


St. Cecelia's Church also promotes the various Study Courses offered by St Basil's Theological College. In addition to Introductory classes for those seeeking Baptism or Confirmation, these include:

Basic Bible Study,
Basic Theology
Comparative Religion
Christian History
Prophecy and Mysticism
The College also offers a number of other courses. Successful completion of each Course is rewarded by a Certificate of Achievement. For those who take a more serious interest they can be combined into a degree course, known as a Licentiate in Theology, which is a requirement for those who wish to enter Holy Orders in our Church.






The Holy Eucharist that we use is based on the Syriac Orthodox Liturgy of St James - the oldest of all Liturgies that are still in use. In its original form it is said in Syriac, basically the same language as the Aramaic used by Our Lord when last on earth and is therefore closer to His Original teachings than others. Among other things this language identifies the Holy Spirit as the Female Aspect of the Godhead, not just one more Male Person of the Trinity as does the Latin language. For this reason, the groups that derive from the Latin-using Roman Catholic Church usually do not believe in a Female Aspect of God, and this is one of the differences between our church and most others
We use the service in an English translation which is also shorter than the original Syriac form and takes about an hour. All visitors are very welcome.
Evensong is based on the Anglican Service of the same name, and consists simply of Prayers, Hymns, one or more Bible readings and a sermon.
Benediction is derived from the Catholic Service of the same name and like the original Catholic Service is sung in Latin. It honours the Blessed Sacrament and also provides a good opportunity for Traditional Catholics to sing some of the old Latin hymns again.
Teaching Services are written specially for each season and special Feast of the Church Year. They employ a Question and Answer format that is designed to explain the inner meanings of each particular Festival

For Further information
Contact: Rt. Rev. John Cuffe
St Cecelia's Orthdox Catholic Church
Caboolture Qld 4510 Australia.
Telephone 61 7 5495 3393