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Orthodox Catholic Church of the New Age

Further Information

THE ORTHODOX CATHOLIC CHURCH OF THE NEW AGE provides the following services to its members and the General Public at and from its centre at St Cecelia’s Church, Caboolture.



Public Services:


Holy Eucharist;                       9. 00 a.m. Sundays

Evening Services:                  7. 00 p.m., Sundays

Evening Services include a Benediction Service in Latin held the first Sunday of the month; Special Teaching Services on Church Festivals and Evensong at other times.





In addition to the Eucharist, the other Six Sacraments are available by appointment. Most are free though donations are gratefully received. Baptism and Confirmation will usually be preceded by some form of instruction which is provided free.


Marriage is performed by a Celebrant who is also properly licensed by the Australian Government. For this reason a donation to cover costs will be requested.


Confession, Healing, Anointing, Exorcisms; by appointment only.


Ordinations to Holy Orders will only take place after appropriate training (See under)



Courses and Study.


The Church operates St Basil’s Theological College which offers the following Certificate Courses of Study. Both Correspondence Courses and face-to-face tutorials are available in most cases. Fees payable will include all necessary study materials and may be varied without notice,  


  • Basic Bible Study
  • Basic Theology
  • Counselling and Spiritual Healing
  • Religious History
  • Comparative Religion.
  • Licentiate Course in Theology


Both Men and Women are encouraged to take Holy Orders in our Church, but only after training in theology, counselling, spiritual healing and mysticism.  


For more information please contact St Cecelia’s Church on (61) 7 5495 3393  



New Book Review



J.S.M. Ward & J.R. Cuffe



The Lost Wisdom of Melchizedek is a massive work and although some parts of it are extremely scholarly most is readily intelligible to the layman. It was begun by the scholar, mystic and famous Masonic writer J.S.M. Ward, before his death in 1949 and only completed by his successor J Cuffe, after many years of research. It provides an analysis of the Book of Genesis, perhaps the most mysterious of all the books in the Bible, based on the meanings of the Hebrew, Chaldean and Egyptian names that it contains. It does not claim to prove that this, the oldest of the so-called Books of Moses, was actually written by him, but it does show that in its present form it was written long after the events it describes. Most of it is demonstrated to have started out as an oral history of the descendents of Abraham, whilst the early chapters are shown to derive from a number of different sources.


Despite this, “The Lost Wisdom of Melchizedek” reveals that although the book of Genesis as we know it has been modified many times over the millennia, it still resonates with a single spiritual message – that of the Lost Wisdom of Melchizedek, hidden within it by His followers thousands of years ago. This is uncovered by making use of both allegory and the interpretation of the various names contained therein, to produce a coherent discussion about the spiritual journey of the typical human being. It follows him as he travels through the mortal state, from his first hesitant entry into earth life as a primitive spirit, through many ages spent in other realms between his earthly incarnations, till at length he wearies of worldly things and begins to follow the Path of Perfection. It then follows him along that path, sees his tests and his failures, as well as his successes, until, ultimately, having learned the lessons of mortal existence he passes beyond the need to return to earth and so reaches the end of his earthly incarnations.


For all those who are genuine seekers, this book is a “MUST HAVE”. We cannot claim that it is all encompassing, but its scope is very broad and it does provide answers to most of the questions that seekers ask, including the following; 

        Who is Melchizedek?

        What was different between the Coming of the Salvator as Jesus Christ and all His previous comings?

        Was Moses really offered the Throne of Egypt as St Paul suggests?

        How long do we spend on other Planes between Incarnations

        Is there conflict between Jesus and Melchizedek?

        What are the original meanings of the Hebrew names in Genesis 

        How does the human spirit first enter life on earth.

        How are we tested and why?

        What caused the Decline and Fall of the Ancient Wisdom

        How was the Ancient Wisdom of Christianity lost or hidden and why?

        How does Hell play a part in God’s Plan.

        What is our “Overself”?

        What are the Twin Paths to God

        What happens to us in Heaven or Hell?

For Further information
Contact:  Rt. Rev. John Cuffe
               St Cecelia's Orthdox Catholic Church
               Caboolture Qld 4510 Australia.
               email orthcathcab@yahoo.com.au
               Telephone  61 7 5495 3393