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Orthodox Catholic Church of the New Age


The Orthodox Catholic Church of the New Age is an an association of Churches, Home Chapels and Individuals who share certain common goals and ideals. Basically they all:

  • Share Valid Orders derived from Christ and one or more of His Apostles.
  • Are trying to prepare themselves and the world for the Coming of Christ the King.
  • Teach the same Ancient Wisdom as Jesus Himself, including knowledge of Reincarnation, Life After Death and the Motherhood of God.

All persons, groups and congregations who share these ideals are invited to join. Membership is FREE, and without any further obligation, but it entitles you to help with literature, information and formal training if required. For further information email orthcathcab@yahoo.com.au

St Basil's Theological College is now accepting student registrations for 2008. Telephone or e-mail for course details.
Rev. John Anthony Michael Cuffe was ordained as a Deacon on 28th October 2007 We all pray for him and wish him well in his forthcoming ministry
This year St Cecelia's Church has continued to host exams for the Univesity of South Queensland, Trinity College and St Cecelia's School of Music.
This year, Bishop John Cuffe was once more invited to say the prayers and lay a wreath in the Official Remembrance Day Service in Caboolture, on 11th November 2007, in company with local politicians and other dignitaries.
What the Mystics are Saying
Christ the King has now completed His task on the Saintly Planes and He entered the realms of Man in 2003. He resides now in the Highest part of the Form or Spirit Plane, usually known as Paradise, but he has not yet taken His Power and begun to reign thereon. For the most part His Judgement on that Plane is yet to come. At present He and His helpers, including the late Archbishop D.J. Ball (Father Francis), are going quietly round the upper parts of that Plane, giving opportunities to many. They are even venturing into the lower parts, seeking to save therefrom any who will hearken to their pleadings, reaching down into those dark realms as far as karma allows. In doing so the power of Christ has expelled many evil spirits, demons and even devils from that Plane and cast them down to the physical earth as predicted by St John in Revelation 12.
As a result we should expect a massive increase in conflicts and serious crimes as well many major natural disasters and His servants on earth are likely to become victims of slander and semi-official persecution, ever more frequently. This situation can only get worse between now and the Day when He finally reaches Earth and ushers in the New Age. Unfortunately that is still some years away.

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