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Interpreting the Logia of Melchizedek

In other pages of this web site we have studied the "Logia of Melchizedek" in some detail, seeing it as a collection of spiritual truths. We have also found that it teaches mainly about the way that the human spirit travels through its many lives on earth as well as times spent in the Afterlife between incarnations until it finally completes its earthly journey and enters those Planes which most Christians loosely call Heaven.
In actual fact, it is likely that in the beginning the "Sayings of Melchizedek" formed some form of spiritual guide for ancient "teachers"  - those whose task it was to train others in the spiritual life. Some of the greatest of the Biblical prophets, such as Moses and Elijah may well have made use of it in the training of their own successors, Joshua and Elisha and indeed it also has much in common with later Christian works, such as the "Way of Perfection"  by St Terese of Avila.
Obviously St Terese, being constrained by medieval Christian theology speaks only about a single earthly existence, but nevertheless the similarities are significant. This is because for the most part, once a human spirit has reached the stage that it really wants to achieve its goal, it can usually do so in that one incarnation, a fact that is often overlooked by those who believe in reincarnation, but which is absolutely vital to any attempt at understanding how apparently rational people can argue that only one earth life is needed for a human spirit to achieve sanctity.
St Terese's work therefore deals with those who are ready to make such a commitment - it makes little or no reference to spirits that are only just starting on their earthly pilgrimages, yet the true spiritual director loves all, even the crudest spirit and the greatest sinner, as did Christ Himself, though unfortunately not all His followers ahve done likewise.
In the "Sayings of Melchizedek" there are preserved much of the ancient wisdom that was once known on this subject and for those who would be wise, an in-depth study is certainly to be recommended. For those who wish to undertake it we have provided below a hyperlink to a special sub-site which contains a verse-by-verse analysis of the Logia of Melchizedek and the Way of Perfection it describes. This is intended to explain and clarify the Sayings for the benefit of those today who also seek to end their earthly pilgrimages.
May the Divine Salvator Himself assist you in that seeking.
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