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Orthodox Catholic Church of the New Age


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Select from the Books offered and calculate the total cost.
Place an order by e-mail. orthcathcab@yahoo.com.au  being careful to specify whether you require printed or electronic copies.
Then make an appropriate donation.
Note, for orders over $200 postage and handling will be free. Otherwise please allow $20 for addresses in Australia and $50 for overseas addresses




J.R. Cuffe


300,000 word epic historical novel based around the Fall of Atlantis. It describes the psychic warfare that led to its destruction as well as the founding of the new age that followed it, the age in which we now live. Although a novel it is heavily grounded in fact, tracing the origins of many cultures around the world, including Egypt, Mesopotamia, Tibet, American Indians and Australian Aborigines. It even explains why no one will ever be able to discover the physical remnants of Atlantis thus;

“It sank like some continental Titanic, disappearing, perhaps for ever, not only below the waters of the cold Atlantic, as eye-witnesses have averred, but also beneath the crust of the very earth itself.”          

Price  $50.





J.R. Cuffe


Another 300,000 word epic based on the Legend of the Wandering Jew, a man who abuses Jesus Christ when He is on His way to be crucified and then rejects His offers of forgiveness and so has to spend the next 2000 years on earth without dying, waiting for Him to come back again. .

It is also the tale of his soul-mate, who is reincarnated ten times during that period, and each time meets up with her beloved and gives him the strength to carry on. Eventually Christ comes again and the Wandering Jew is one of the first to recognise Him, thus at last earning the right to end his age-long wandering.    

 Price  $50.




The “CHRIST THE KING” stories


J.S.M. Ward


A number of short stories averaging about 10,000 words apiece, they each describe incidents pertaining to the Second Coming of Christ and reveal the author's conception of the subject.  Written in the 1930’s and set in the world of that day, they were never intended to be more than stories and are certainly not claimed to be prophetic.

They do however convey a number of spiritual and karmic truths in a fictitious, but very readable  background.            

Price $5.00 each




The “FIRESIDE” stories


J.S.M. Ward


A number of thought-provoking short stories averaging about 10,000 words each. Based on the author's actual experiences, or those of his friends, they were written in the 1930’s and set in a number of historical settings, they refer to a number of supernatural themes, including reincarnation, psychometry, hauntings and precognition.

They convey a number of spiritual and psychic truths in a fictitious, but very readable  background.            

Price $5.00 each





J.R. Cuffe


A 15,000 word STORY that is based on known facts of Reincarnation and the Law of Karma and is designed to illustrate them in a practical context. The account follows an imaginary “average” spirit through its twenty earthly incarnations as well as its experiences in other Planes between incarnations until finally it achieves the end of the Quest.   

Price $20                           





J.S.M. Ward & J. R. Cuffe.


Major and totally unique work in 250,000 words, begun by the famous Masonic and Spiritualist author J.S.M Ward before his death in 1949 and only recently completed..

Part One traces the history of the Ancient Wisdom for more than 4000 years showing how and why it was lost.

Part Two provides detailed analysis of the Book of Genesis including a translation of the Names from the original Hebrew and Chaldean roots and Egyptian Hieroglyphics, showing the process of derivation. The resulting Sayings of Melchizedek, provide the basis for a detailed understanding of the doctrine of Reincarnation.    Price  $200.





J.S.M. Ward


These three mediumistic 40,000 word accounts of life on the Astral and Spirit Planes were written in 1915-17.  They provide an account of Ward’s introduction to mediumship, and often reflect the views of his contacts rather than the knowledge he acquired later.

The first one “My Uncle’s Story” tells of life in the lower section of the Spirit Plane.

The second “The Officer” contains what is still probably the most detailed account of life in Hell that has ever been written

The third “A Subaltern in Spirit Land” describes Ward's search for his brother Rex, killed in Flanders in 1916, and includes a description of life on the Astral Plane. Price $20 each





J.S.M. Ward


A Selection of fifty poems written by J.S.M. Ward about 1930 and reflecting his, by then considerable mystical and spiritual knowledge.

They are often used as hymns in the Orthodox Catholic Church of the New Age, but are given here because of the Ancient Wisdom they portray..                   Price $10








A brief account of his life with J.S.M.Ward by Peter Gilbert Strong, the last surviving priest ordained by him and his successor as Archbishop..

First published in 1999, it also includes a brief commentary on, and significant extracts from, some of Ward's most important mystical experiences, including those prophetic apocalypses which have already been partly fulfilled.                   Price $10





J.S.M. Ward


A 40,000 word discussion of the problems and questions that traditional Christianity cannot explain. The author provides answers through reincarnation and his knowledge of life on other Planes. Also includes information about the Law of Karma (Retribution) and how to pay off karmic debts.                               Price $25





J.S.M. Ward


A 60,000 word discussion of the PSYCHIC MIRACLES of the life of Christ, particularly the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection.

It compares them with the exploits of various Eastern mystics. It also considers the evidence provided by twentieth century Psychic research and the author’s own psychic experiences, including the use of Kilner screens to “see auras”.               Price $40

The above books are those most commonly sought by seekers, but there are many others which are available upon request. In general a donation of $5 to $10 plus postage will be requested for small books, tracts etc. Those seeking information on particular subjects should make contact by phone or E-mail as indicated below and discuss their specific interests. Those seeking merely to broaden their own spiritual wisdom should discus their past experiences and present state of knowledge and seek specific recommendations, perhaps leading to a correspondence course.





In addition, the Church also provides the following unpublished reference works for students of St Basil’s Theological College. Each is about 200,000 words in length and is provided free of charge to those taking one of the Courses offered. They are not generally available for separate purchase but for the benefit of such students and potential students the list is provided below.


1.      The Story of Our Church (Basic Theology)

2.      The Story of Jesus (Biblical Theology)

3.      The Story of Ritual (Basic Theology)

4.      The Story of the Apostolic Age (Biblical Theology)

5.      The Story of Belief (Biblical Theology and the History of Religion)

6.      The Story of the Early Church (History of Religion)

7.      The Story of the Christian Era (History of Religion)

8.      The Story of Teaching (Basic Theology)

9.      The Story of Service (Hagiography and Mystical Theology)

10.  The Story of Caring (Pastoral Care and Counseling)

11.  The Story of Marriage (Marriage Guidance).

12.  The Story of Creation (Mystical Theology)


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